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Are You A Designing Woman?

Blog_2-DesigningWomanI’m a designing woman!

People often ask me (as a writer), “Where do you get your ideas”

Where does anyone get ideas? Most just come to me, often at the most inconvenient times, such as when I have no paper or pencil or digital doodah on which to record them…my memory is not that good!

But ideas come to be because I seek them out. How? By inhaling, exhaling, looking, listening—so many ideas. I do not try to curate them at the time. How could I?! What, indeed, could the following have in common?:

  • A robin’s egg blue and dull brass French cooking range
  • A picture of a new navy blue and chrome Lexus Rx Hybrid car
  • A fire engine red and chrome ultra-chic door handle
  • A sea glass green and mosque blue invitation to a Casablanca Ball
  • A sailboat, listing to port, red sails billowing, and a woman at the helm

Now all these “ideas” came in the last 20 minutes. I put them in my brain crockpot to let them stew awhile, knowing full well that one day (sooner or later), I will write a novel, decorate a room, buy an outfit, design a logo or a catalog, etc. with some, if not all, of these components. It will not be a surprise to me at all. I will not have to struggle over “what to do.”

When I teach kids (who always say, “But I don’t have any ideas!”) to write, I say, “STOP! LOOK! LISTEN!” In a classroom setting, they are so startled that they do just that.

“Don’t you see,” I say, “that there is a secret panel up there on the ceiling?” “Can’t you tell?” I urge, “that your teacher used to be a spy?” “And can’t you hear,” I reprimand, “that haunting tune coming from the graveyard that used to be in the courtyard of your school?”

Inevitably, all eyes zip and dart from one thing to the other. Eyes go wide. Grins begin. And one pencil, then another, begin to audibly scratch on some form of paper.

It has begun. The magic of imagination. It is there everyday, all the time. Even when your eyes are closed. Even as you sleep.

What are YOU looking at right now?

Excuse me, please: I have a story to write!



Author writing children's mystery books blog middle gradesI’ve been a writer for more than 30 years—time flies when you’re working your fingers across the keyboard to the bone!

Today I write from my laundry room perch in Palmetto Bluff.

I’m seeking conversation with others who love books, reading, writing, kids, food and such. Of course I’m trying to sell books—I have at least 6,000 in print, ya’ll! But more so, I love to share what I’m working on, what I know about writing and publishing—in real time, as if we were having coffee together. You know who you are: moms, grammies, teachers, everyone with a book hidden in them, and all who love to help children navigate today’s world.   Tune in! Stay in touch! Let’s talk!

—Carole Marsh Longmeyer