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Tiny Books

TinyBooksImageHere are my tiny books—earrings gift from daughter, Michele; I wear them on special occasions, especially to school visits and autographings.

The Tiny Book Show!

If you love all things miniature (well, uh, many things?), here’s a fun one—a traveling caravan of 300 miniature handmade books, collected in a vintage 1965 covered wagon trailer called MAUDE (Mobile Art Unit Designed for Everyone.)

Books are 1-3-inches square, crafted by all kinds of folks from around the world on a wide array of topics. This red/white/blue trailer is basically a Tiny Book Musuem and will made 40 stops around America late spring and summer. They are even hosting tiny book workshops! Visit the site to learn a lot more.

If you love Lilliputian, this should be your cup of tiny tea!

Behind Every Great Woman

Behnd Every Great WomanMy good fellow author friend, Carolyn Wood [Maximizing Your Cruise Experience] sent me this image. While I am not a man-basher (too many fine men in my life for that), there’s nothing like being in a room full of entrepreneurial women—say at a writing conference or Chamber of Commerce event. The “vibe” is visceral; the can do/will do energy can knock your sox off.

Of course, behind every great woman is often also a mother, husband, good friend, mentor, role model, banker (if she’s lucky!) or other person, plus Lady Luck, and most certainly, the Good Lord. Nonetheless, most women are innately great, undauntable, and remarkable.

My grandmother was. She’d often take my sister and I walking through downtown Atlanta at night to her switchboard operator job at the Dinkler Hotel. In her hand she carried a large (one side taped) razor blade. Fortunately, no one ever accosted us—fortunately for THEM!

I just love looking at certain women on the news, mostly women who are the heads of nations. Or will be, like Malala Yousafzai. You know who she is. Or Alyssa Carson. You may not know her, but she’s 13 and already been tapped by NASA to be an astronaut, probably to go to Mars.

A very long time ago, when I went bankrupt due to circumstances beyond my control, my husband said, “Well, I guess you are out of business.”

“I have no money,” I said, “or office, or equipment, or vehicle, or employees, but my brain is not out of business, nor my arms or legs or fingers. My clients don’t know I’m broke.”

“Fingers?” he said.

I waggled them at him. “To write with.” And so I did. I kept writing and putting out books, shipping, and billing. That was a no-brainer. And soon, I had made my first million.

Yeah, behind every great woman is indeed herself. If you don’t believe me, just turn around…and look in the mirror.

Lady Lowcountry

LL CoverI’ve been fortunate to garner many accolades over the years for my writing, speaking, and such, but recently being deemed a Lowcountry Lady sort of hit the spot!

It’s nice to be considered a lady in this era of media filled with so much non-ladylike activity. And to be a lady of the Lowcountry (my favorite place in the world) just feels like it harks back to an era where I might be wearing a white lace dress, pretty hat, and sipping tea and nibbling cookies. Well, those days are long gone, however…


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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Image IIThis lovely yacht harks from the golden age of the Golden Age, when the ultra-wealthy purchased Southern plantations the size of small states and built gorgeous “cottages” the size of French chateaus.  They knew how to live the good life, a life that did not last, alas, due to the Civil War.

However, this nautical relic has survived for more than 100 years, and with a new major face lift from the inside out, she may thrive for another 100?  The Grace fetches us from a landing on the May River, usually at sunset, to take us on a ride into the past.  Not literally, of course, but with a glass of wine and the breeze in your bonnet (of course I wear a bonnet!), it sure seems so.

If you’re a parent or teacher, grandma or anything close to that for a child, print this out or show them on your computer screen.  Tell them that the Grace is on a journey.  Perhaps to the depths in a hurricane!  (Only in fiction, folks!)  Maybe to a sandbar awash in prehistoric megalodon teeth, shed from the monster sharks that once roamed these water?  Or is it the Golden Age of Piracy?  Perhaps Blackbeard is about to attack!  And, your young readers/writers can always imagine a 1940s soiree of the rich and famous of the day?

It’s not hard to get kids to unleash their mighty imaginations!  Just give them a photograph, and a hint or two, and turn them loose.  Ah!  There’s the fiercest pirate of them all stomping ashore, right now!  Uh, no, that’s just Papa wanting his lunch.  Oh, well, I can write about anything.