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There’s a new dog in town.  OMG…it’s at my house. How did that happen?!

Meet Coconut, a pomegranate…what we are calling a Pomeranian mix.  She was found on a road near Charleston; so sad. We got her from Noah’s Ark Rescue; there’s a sucker born every minute, but really, it’s a wonder we didn’t leave with two or three dogs?

We went for an older, sedate dog as a companion for husband, Bob.

Instead we got a four-month-old, very happy, very unhousebroken, energetic wad of fur that weighs four pounds. How could we resist.

Daughter Michele found her for us; she is our dog whisperer. I hope she soon whispers to Coconut the secrets to going to the bathroom in the great outdoors instead of in my, well, in my bathroom. And bedroom. And living room. And, well, you get the picture.

I’m thinking of answering my phone like this: “Pee and Poop Central…Chief Scooperintendent Carole speaking.” (But I’m afraid it might be the preacher calling and not my grandkids.)

She is bonding with the wrong person. I now have Bob bribing her with the SDW, Secret Dog Weapon—bacon. She has chewed through my computer cord and the sequins off my new sandals.

We love her.

PS:  She’s a real character. Does that sound like a book’s coming? How could I resist! But first I have to buy her a bandana with pink flamingos on it.

PSS: Bob can’t remember her name, so he calls her Porcupine, Cucumber, and a few other names; of course she’s confused!




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  1. Jacklynn says:

    That’s not just logic. That’s really sesilbne.

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