carole-sibaWhat if you got an invitation to a private showing of all the wonderful books that will be coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Would you think you’d died and gone to book heaven?  Me, too!  And so here I am, as both an author and publisher, at the 2017 SIBA book show in Savannah, a bazaar of publishers, authors, and independent bookstores from around the South.  It’s pretty festive!  I just signed copies of my new LOWCOUNTRY VOODOO A-Z, appeared on a panel “Out of This World” books, saw old friends like Duck Books, and met new friends, such as Nicole Sarroocco, author of  ILL-MANNERED GHOSTS, had dinner with my Gallopade sales rep, Candy Person (love that name!), and her daughter Chrissy Dale.  And that’s just for starters!  But the exciting news is that independent bookstores are not only alive and well, but thriving and growing by leaps and bounds!  They are pretty jazzed!  Just imagine—all the lovely, local bookstores we all once treasured, returning to the scene on a street corner near you!  Some have been around a long time—E. Shaver Books and The Book Lady, in Savannah.  Others are brand-spankin’ new; that’s a good sign.  And best of all, some are in my neck o’ the woods:  Macintosh Books in Beaufort and The Storybook Shoppe in Old Town Bluffton; lucky us! Support your local independent bookstore; they need you and we need them.  When I leave this show, I’ll probably head right out to the bookstores mentioned and see what cover attracts my eye.  For what is life without a good book to read, and what is a town without a great bookstore?  

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