My Summer of Silo

Summer of SILO copyFor a couple of years I’ve been working on a cookbook called My Summer of SILO.  The reason is that a new farm-to-cook kind of concern opened in nearby Beaufort.  While they have a physical location, they also have a lovely website.  Each Sunday night I wait eagerly for their download of the new products for sale that week.

There’s everything from organic eggs to honey to stone-ground grits to things like these gorgeous red spring onions.  Best of all, you place your order and on Friday morning they deliver it at the end of my street at the community garden shed!

I love riding my golf cart with a hot cup of coffee down to the shed.  I bring my cute, insulated, black and silver SILO bag, which they take and replace with an identical one full of all the things I ordered, but have forgotten what was!  So I hurry home and unpack fresh strawberries just picked from the field, creamy sweet potatoes the size of a football, chocolate chess mini-pies, fresh baked bread, and kale so curly and green I don’t know whether to eat it or wear it as a hat.

I record the recipes I make from my SILO stash of wonders.  One day I will have a completed cookbook…but I hope not too soon.  This is just too much fun!

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