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Chapter III Book Club… Tulip Fever

Chapter III Book Club meeting

Tulip Fever

I belong to a WOW! book club.
I came to Palmetto Bluff in my own personal “witness protection program” as Carole Longmeyer
(married name) versus Carole Marsh.  Still, right away a neighbor reading specialist her entire career said (with a wink and a smile)…
“I know who you are!”
That was ok; it got me invited as a charter member to the Chapter III Book Club. We read serious fiction and non-fiction, as well as funky books, often before others have discovered them.
My first book (I do the February meeting) was Juicy and Delicious; you may know it as the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild.
So book/movie became the expected modus operandi for my meeting.
Thus, this time I picked the book Tulip Fever.  Bob bought it for me in Amsterdam (because it had a pretty cover), as well as My Dutch Cookbook, I guess in hopes I’d cook him something good.  (Don’t I always?)  Go on Amazon and read the write up for Tulip Fever, and I know you will want to read it!  Most of us know little about Holland/the Netherlands in the 1600s, when it was the richest country in the world (?!) and in the midst of, yes, tulip fever—when tulips were new, caught a virus and literally went viral with wild mosaic colors!  Tulips were traded for more than gold or diamonds.  And, later, tulips that had not even been planted, perhaps did not even exist?, were traded with wild abandon.  Yep, there was a bubble and a bust.  But what a setting and backdrop for a romance with twists, turns, and surprises!
Also Google Tulip Fever movie trailer!  Swoon!
And so for book club, I have adorned my home with tulips, made Dutch split pea soup with sour cream and baby carrot garnish, and, Dutch cherry pancakes. A friend is bringing Dutch cheese and crackers.  Another has promised a gorgeous Dutch chocolate cake.  Add some wine and all the trivia I garnered from also reading Tulipomania, about this era, and we are in for a fun night.
There are friends, and there are book friends.  Book friends are worth more than gold, diamonds, tulips, or  a gaggle of guilders.  Swoon!