Tiny Books

TinyBooksImageHere are my tiny books—earrings gift from daughter, Michele; I wear them on special occasions, especially to school visits and autographings.

The Tiny Book Show!

If you love all things miniature (well, uh, many things?), here’s a fun one—a traveling caravan of 300 miniature handmade books, collected in a vintage 1965 covered wagon trailer called MAUDE (Mobile Art Unit Designed for Everyone.)

Books are 1-3-inches square, crafted by all kinds of folks from around the world on a wide array of topics. This red/white/blue trailer is basically a Tiny Book Musuem and will made 40 stops around America late spring and summer. They are even hosting tiny book workshops! Visit the site to learn a lot more.

If you love Lilliputian, this should be your cup of tiny tea!

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